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Please use these support resources for your student account, tuition, student dashboard, and general assistance for students.

Student Support Topics

The most efficient way for students to receive support, is to first look through our self-service support topics. Prior to submitting a support ticket which will take 2-3 days for our team to respond to, please be sure to look through the topics below to see if your question or troubleshooted with the information provided.

Our Encounter School of Minisry Team is out of the office through January 1st for the Christmas and New Year Holidays. We will return on Tuesday, January 2nd. Any messages sent in while we are out, will be responded to upon our return. Please know of our prayers for you and your families during this Holiday season. 


Student Dashboard

Resetting Your Password

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If a student is having difficulty logging into their student dashboard, the first step is to try and reset their password. To do so, press, reset password on the student log-in page

Student Dashboard Login

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To log into the student dashboard, please type in your username and password on the student log-in page. 

Can I Change my Username?

Students are unfortunately unable to change their username once created. If the username is forgotten, there is an option to recover a student’s username on the ESM Student Log-In Page

Navigating to the Course Content

Students can find previous class recordings on their student dashboard. ESM Students will have access to course content to revisit until August 1st. 

Student Life

Weekly Homework Assignments

Each class includes a weekly homework assignment to be completed prior to the following week’s session. You will be discussing your homework with your small group at class. Homework can include a variety of  assignments types: short prayer reflections, reading assignments, and praying with other people. Homework can be found on the bottom of your session 2 handout and in the Course Homework toggle on your srudent dashboard. 

Students must complete 80% of all assigned homework in order to be eligible for graduation.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation from the Encounter School of Ministry means that a student has completed academic, attendance, and financial requirements over the course of 2 years (8 quarters). To be eligible for a Certificate of Completion, students must be able to satisfy the following requirements on our Graduation Eligibility and Honor Form:

  • Completed 80% homework assignments per quarter
  • Attended 80% of classes per quarter
  • Completion of Year Two Ministry Project Requirements
  • Has paid all outstanding tuition invoices

Suggested Reading

Submitting Prayer Requests

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Students are invited to submit  prayer requests on our prayer wall. These intentions are prayed for by a dedicated team of intercessors. Intentions can be submitted with a name attached or anonymously. 

Requesting an Inner Healing Session

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Our pastoral ministry team (PMT) will be available to all online school students for up to 2 appointments via zoom. As challenges and spiritual struggles arise, PMT offers opportunities to connect with trained individuals to help students reconnect with the Lord. PMT sessions can be scheduled through the student dashboard after your first quarter as an ESM student. 

Student Status

Transferring to a Different Campus

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In the event that a student has a change of life circumstances and can no longer attend ESM at their current Campus, they are allowed to request a transfer to a different campus. 

To request a transfer, whether it is into a different campus, including the online campus, all a student needs to do is fill out the transfer request form linked below. You will hear a response back from our team within 2-3 business days. 

Please note: transfers are only to be requested when this will be a one-time change.

Withdrawing from ESM (Student Drop Request)

We understand that a student’s life circumstances can change, and that may result in needing to withdraw from the Encounter School of Ministry. If that happens, a student must complete a Student Drop Request in order to be deactivated from our system and to stop receving tuition invoice reminders. 

Our team hopes any student who is needing to withdraw will be able to return in the future. To start ESM back-up, please submit an Student Reactivation Request Form. *For more information about this process, please visit the section titled, Restarting ESMO After Withdrawing (Reactivation Request).

Restarting ESM After Dropping (Reactivation Request)

If a student has had to withdraw from ESM, but would like to start back-up, they will not have to restart the program. Returning students are able to submit a reactivation request, and start at the beginning of the quarter they left off on during the school year. 

Returning students do NOT need to submit a new application, they should only submit a reactivation request


Accessing & Paying a Tuition Invoice

Students can be sent their tuition invoices in two different ways, either through an emailed copy of their invoice Zoho Tuition Portal. 

Emailed Copy: Invoices will be sent to the email that is on file for each student at the time the invoice is created, as well as 15 days prior to the tuition due date.

Students who have not received a copy of the invoice should check their spam folder. 

Zoho Tuition Portal: At the time of admittance into the Encounter School of Ministry, students are sent an invitation to set-up an account for the Zoho Tuition Portal. While not required, this is the best way for students to manage their tution payments and invoices.

Still having trouble paying?
We can provide the link in the chat window or by email. Or, we can take your payment over the phone. Please contact Monica at 614-349-8799. Please be sure to leave the spelling of your last name if you leave a voice message, as well as the number you can best be reached, and the best times to reach you.

2023 - 2024 Tuition Due Dates

Quarter 1: Monday, September 11th
Quarter 2: Monday, November 6th
Quarter 3: Monday, January 29th
Quarter 4: Monday, March 8th

Logging into the Tuition Portal / Resetting Your Password

The username and password for the Zoho Tuition Portal is not attached to the student dashboard. They are two separate systems. If a student needs to reset their Zoho Tuition Portal, it will need to be reset through the Zoho log-in page:

Scholarships / Financial Aid for the Online Campus

Unfortunately at this time we don’t have any financial aid available for the online campus. We highly encourage students to reach out to private supporters (family, friends, parish) to seek out financial aid.

If someone is going to pay a student’s tuition, even partially, the tution invoice can be forwarded to the sponsor (sent via email) and they will be able to make a payment on your behalf.

Tuition Extensions

We understand that life circumstances can arise unexpectedly for our students which may result in the inability to pay tuition costs. If this occurs, and you temporarily have to withdraw from the program, we can certainly help get your account reactivated when you are able to return. 

Reactivation Fee

Due to increasing administrative cost and our desire to honor student requests as quickly as possible, those who do not respond to tuition invoices within the allotted time will be issued a $25 reactivation fee in addition to the outstanding balance.


Fill out the form below and a member of the ESM Support Team will respond as soon as possible.

Important Note about Transfers, Drops, and Reactivcations
If you need to transfer zoom sessions, drop from the school, or reactivate your account, please use the links below to submit the proper form rather than sending in a support ticket. This will allow your request to be proccessed in the most efficient manner. Thank you! 

Our Encounter School of Ministry Team is out of the office through January 1st for the Christmas and New Year Holidays. We will return on Tuesday, January 2nd. Any messages sent in while we are out, will be responded to upon our return. Please know of our prayers for you and your families during this Holiday season. 

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