Answers and encouragement!

I have had very lucid prophetic dreams and unexplainable “coincidences” throughout my life and few people to talk to about them. I have heard, felt seen and known things but was very careful who I shared things with so as not to be judged. The church is where I felt most uncomfortable trying to gain insight or understanding of what I could be experiencing. The Encounter School not only explained receiving Prophetic knowledge, words and wisdom but encouraged us to pray for it above everything!! Not only are my past experiences explained and validated but I’m encouraged to grow and ask for more!
I never understood the purpose of receiving words but have learned God wants to partner with me to reach others and above all make them aware of His love and desire for them to encounter Him very personally! He wants this more than I do! The school gave me permission to be open like never before and trust in the Holy Spirit because I now know it’s a gift to be used for the benefit of others and I no longer need to privately keep to myself.
Thank you Jesus for leading me to teachers who finally answered my questions and have given me guidance!!

– Dottie Lysak
Main Campus (Brighton)