Being who God Wants Me to Be

1. My identity is now clearer than it has ever been: I am the daughter of the King! My role as a daughter gives me access to my Father’s power and authority.
2. I can act and pray (!) with that authority; where before I mostly asked/ petitioned, now I know can command in Jesus’ name.
3. My daily affirmations remind me of my identity; my favorite is: The Father delights in me as His daughter, Jesus delights in me as a lover, and the Spirit delights in me as a maker and creator.
4. A stronghold of the mind has been broken: If I do a hard thing well it must be “better”. As a result, I must be “better” or “more worthy”. I don’t have to DO more, BE more productive, or BE more perfect to earn God’s love and mercy. It is a gift!
5. After walking in the Spirit for 50 years, I can authentically say that I am at peace with who I am in the Lord. I am healthy and consistently joyful. Why? Because, as far as I know, I’m right where God wants me to be. Being in the Encounter School has confirmed this for me.

– Claudia Burns
Main Campus (Brighton)