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Suggested Reading for Year 1 & Foundational Resources
Year 1 Syllabi & Important Dates

Quarter 1 Identity and Transformation

ESM Q1. Syllabus _ Calendar – DC

Quarter 2 Hearing God and the Prophetic Gifts 

ESM Q2. Syllabus _ Calendar – DC

Quarter 3 Power & Healing

ESM Q3. Syllabus _ Calendar – DC

Quarter 4 Inner Healing and Freedom

ESM Q4. Syllabus _ Calendar – DC

E-courses [Onboarding Video, Small Group Training etc.)

Event Resources

Encounter Conference 2024 - Registration & Prayer Team Information

Registration and further details for the June 2024 Conference will be available later this summer/early fall on our conference webpage: Current students will receive a 50% discount off the cost of a regular or premium ticket.

All hotel information will be available on when registration goes live. For rooms in one of our room blocks, check in will be on Wednesday, June 26 and check out on Saturday, June 29.

For Year 2 Students: When registering you may indicate interest in being considered for serving on the conference prayer team. Please note, by saying you would like to be considered, does NOT automatically place you on a prayer team. The number of prayer teams depends upon the number of conference participants. To be considered for the prayer team, Year 2 students must register no later than Friday, May 17. You will find out if you are on a prayer team sometime in early June.

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2023 - 2024 Student Tuition Information

You can pay your tuition either through the Zoho tuition portal - OR - directly thorugh the invoice you received in your email. If you have any questions, please reach out to the administration team through the Student Support Center. Thanks!

Please note, the Zoho tuition platform is separate from your student dashboard. In order to reset your password for Zoho, you will need to do so on that log-in page. You can find that here: 

Tuition Due Dates
September 11, 2023: Quarter 1/ 5 - OR - Annual Tuition Due
November 6, 2023: Quarter 2/6 Tuition Due
January 29, 2024: Quarter 3/7 Tuition Due
March 26, 2024: Quarter 4/ 8 Tuition Due

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Class Materials

The Importance of Praise

Watch Patrick Reis' teaching on the importance of praise and worship. (click to open and view video)

Quarter 1: Identity & Transformation

The orientation was an overview of what to expect during the first year of the Encounter School. Included was an overview of the dashboard (the video walk-through is in the video below). At the top of the dashboard, you will find some key areas including your account info, tuition portal, suggested reading, the syllabus for each quarter, information about the Encounter Conference, and more. You will hear more about the subjects in greater detail as the year progresses.

Session 1: Identity and Transformation

Student Materials

Session 2: Sheep Hear My Voice

Student Materials


Supplemental Reading: See Syllabus for Supplemental Reading

Practicum: In prayer, select a specific question or decision in your life that is important to you. In a very direct manner, ask Jesus what his heart is about the decision or question. Journal what you receive in prayer and then summarize the following: What did you receive? How did you receive it? What did you learn about how you hear God’s voice?

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