Empowering the Unworthy

I began this quarter with a long history of trauma. I have had extensive counseling, medication and faith healing but none allowed me to put in perspective the lies from childhood into early adulthood like this quarter did.
I was raised in a broken family from the age of one. My dad left our family (mom, two siblings and me) for another family. This began my belief that I held no value. I grew up in a very patriarchal culture where women and children were not held in high regard. Two strikes against me. It doubled the lie, I held no value. My mom remarried when I was eight to an alcoholic. Our lives became very emotionally abusive and volatile. My mom, struggling her own lies, was not able to protect us. It became ingrained I held no value.

This school in quarter one taught me of my identity which was so healing. But this quarter, enabled me to replace the lies I had come to believe with the truth that I am worthy. I am loved. I am cherished. It helped me piece together how these lies were not just repeated once but for a lifetime. I am so spiritually awakened and freed that I want to help others struggling the same brokenness find the love of Abba Father, His blessed Son and the Holy Spirit!!