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Year One: Q1 - Identity & Transformation
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Wed., Sept. 13


Q1. Class 1:
Intro & Overview

Session 1 Video: Identity & Transformation

Session 2 Video: My Sheep Hear My Voice

In prayer, select a specific question or decision in your life that is important to you. In a very direct manner, ask Jesus what his heart is about the decision or question. Journal what you receive in prayer and then summarize the following: What did you receive? How did you receive it? What did you learn about how you hear God’s voice?

Supplemental Reading: Spiritual Gifts Handbook,Intro & Ch. 1

Wed., Sept. 13Wed., Sept. 20
Q1. Class 2:
Conformed to Jesus

Session 1 Video: Jesus the Standard of Ministry

Session 2 Video: Understanding the Purpose of Power

Read: Study the Gospel of Mark and identify every occasion of power demonstrated - healing in both large crowds and individuals, deliverance from evil spirits, miracles, prophetic revelation, etc. How many instances do you find?
Journal: Write a one page paper about how you would respond to someone who is confused about the importance of the Church’s responsibility to demonstrate God’s power in the world.

Supplemental Reading: Spiritual Gifts Handbook, Ch. 2

Wed., Sept. 20Wed., Sept. 27
Q1. Class 3:
Baptismal Identity: Kings

Session 1 Video: Identity & Authority as Kings

Session 2 Video: Ministering with Authority

In prayer, ask the Lord to reveal what strongholds of the mind are keeping you from walking in the authority He’s given you. Ask the Lord to show you the truth He wants you to know in exchange for the lies. In a short paper outline the truths that Jesus gave you.

Supplemental Reading: Spiritual Gifts Handbook, Ch. 3

Wed., Sept. 27Wed., Oct. 4
Q1. Class 4:
Identity as Temples of the Holy Spirit

Session 1 Video: Identity as Temples of the Holy Spirit

Session 2 Video: Ministry as a Temple of the Holy Spirit

Ask God to show you someone in your family (or close friend) who needs an increase of His presence in their life. Based on what you learned from class, ask them if there are any areas of life they need God’s help.
Practicum: Offer to pray that God would release his presence through you for them.
Journal a short half-page reflection of what happened and what you learned. Be prepared to share it in small group.

Supplemental Reading: Spiritual Gifts Handbook, Ch. 4

Wed., Oct. 4Wed., Oct. 11
Q1. Class 5:
Renewal of the Mind Pt. 1

Session 1 Video: The Renewal of the Mind

Session 2 Video: Becoming a Student of the Supernatural

Read through the 8 miracle signs in the Gospel of John. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you the lessons you can learn about supernatural ministry through the ministry of Jesus.
Jn 2:1-11; Jn 4:46-54; Jn 5:1-17; Jn 6:1-14; Jn 6:15-21; Jn 9:1-12; Jn 11:1-45; Jn 21:1-11
Write a minimum one page journal reflection capturing your insights.

Supplemental Reading: Spiritual Gifts Handbook, Ch. 5

Wed., Oct. 11Wed., Oct. 18
Q1. Class 6:
Renewal of the Mind Pt. 2

Session 1 Video: Three Leavens

Session 2 Video: Dead to Sin

Journal: Before you start reading, ask God to show you where you need to be transformed by the renewal of your mind. Now read through Romans 6-8. Journal insights and details that God showed you from your reflection on these chapters.

Supplemental Reading: Spiritual Gifts Handbook, Ch. 6

Wed., Oct. 18Wed., Oct. 25
Q1. Class 7:

Session 1 Video: Transformation through Declarations

Session 2 Video: The Will of God

Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to inspire in you 10 declarations that you need to confirm your identity and direct your life in this season. Remember, scriptural promises are a great place to let God speak to you about this, but they are not the only place.
Write them as a list that you can refer to in prayer. Bring the list with you to class and be ready to share them with a group.

Supplemental Reading: Spiritual Gifts Handbook, Ch. 7

Wed., Oct. 25Wed., Nov. 8
Q1. Class 8:
Led By the Spirit

Session 1 Video: Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Homework: (This can only be done after class 8 zoom session - sorry)
Journal: As you pray and talk with the Lord after this class’s zoom session, write a reflection on what you experienced or learned about the Holy Spirit. What did you receive from ministry time and how did you receive it? Or how did you and the Lord process Q1 together. What is His blessing in your life right now?

Supplemental Reading: Spiritual Gifts Handbook, Ch. 8

Wed., Nov. 8Wed., Nov. 15


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