Fully to Jesus

So much happened to me personally in this quarter. As I learned more about intimacy with God, the Holy Spirit continued to convict me of sin, to invite me to open myself more fully to Jesus; to be transformed in every area of my life; to learn humility with joy.

Prophetic intercession was a powerful tool to learn. I felt that it opened doors to the unseen and allowed me to truly proclaim the Kingdom over members of my family, in particular. It also increased my faith for seeing the promises of God come through. I think that the prophetic intercession training helped tremendously during the Encounter Conference ministry time.

At the conference, I remembered to serve with humility, I remembered that NOTHING there was about me. It was ALL about JESUS. I need only to look to him and he would show up. He did show up. I do not even remember most of what I prayed over people, however, it felt like a download from God. The prophetic words I spoke to people seemed to make sense to them, (at least they said they did) and I was able to speak into their hearts with God’s words. That was an amazing experience.

– MaryBeth Wilson
Main Campus (Brighton)