God Cares About Me

As I did the homework on healing memories, a very tiny memory came to my mind. During my hiking trip with my family when I was around 5, a green tree viper passed by my legs as I was walking in front of my family. I was so scared and cried. I thought inside of my heart, “why this memory.” There is no big deal about it. However, I followed the Holy Spirit and continued the healing memories process. I asked Jesus where he was when this happened to me. I felt Jesus was walking beside me. When I asked Jesus what lies I came to believe from this experience. From this experience, I came to believe that I am not safe. I am in a vulnerable place. I am weak. I can be devoured by the snake. He then gave me truths in exchange for these lies. He said I will not be devoured by the snake as He is bigger than the snake. It is ok to be vulnerable because I have Him by my side. He will take care of me. He will protect me. I am safe as He is walking alongside me. And then I have the words “I fear no evil for You are with me. They are the ones who should be trembling.”

Afterward, I feel that Father God cares even a little tiny detail of mine. He wants me to be free from any tiny bondage. The image of Jesus walking beside me holding my hands is so strong and imprint deeply in my heart. I feel the green tree viper represents the enemy. I have nothing to fear as He is with me. Through this experience, I learned the beauty of surrender to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

– Flavia Fung
Online Campus