God Keeps Challenging Me

Personally I have been involved in many forms of inner healing, both on the giving and receiving end. I appreciated and benefited from each of the experiences, but the way the Encounter School blended them all together brought me to a new level in my personally healing and also how God is using me to help others. I do have to admit that this quarter was very challenging, because it brought me again face to face with myself. Part of me did not want to go to that place however another part of me knew that I had to. It was not until about a week after the quarter was over that I was revealed a wound of rejection that I know I battle with a lot, but want to deny it at times. It is funny because even acknowledging this and giving permission for God to continue His work in me, has brought me greater freedom. I am so grateful for this quarter and how God keeps challenging me to become holier and holier. Also, through this quarter I have come to discover a greater desire to help others to find freedom in Our Lord. Praise Jesus!

– Sr. Francis MacDonald
Online Campus