Going Deeper into Selfless Love

My prayer at home is more intimate with praise and cultivating joy. Fr Thelen’s class “Davidic Worship” where he had us take time to praise unabashedly with our bodies unleashed a greater joy and freedom for me personally. Class 5 homework, was to worship with music; taking praise into our daily time of prayer. This activity increased joy and the gift of tongues within me, leading me deeper into my heart and communication with God. I was amazed where the Lord took me. Praising in tongues, my heart seemed to lift more to the Father and the Holy Spirit was teaching me how to give more of it to Him. This was a powerful experience. I asked the Lord to heal certain deep wounds and for the grace to unite it to Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross (for a long time I have been reluctant to give him the pain) knowing that together we are saving souls. I believe Jesus answered this prayer. Now, I more often, surrender my suffering instead of holding onto sadness. Additionally, I do not react internally in the same difficult situations.

– Lauren Ghastin
Main Campus (Brighton)