Healing At the Deli!

I went to the grocery store to order a cake for my wife’s birthday. The young lady working at the deli was limping badly. I asked if she would like prayer for healing. She said “yes” and I prayed for her in the name of Jesus. She claimed she felt better but she was still limping. She said that she suffered from gout and that it was very painful. After we finished praying she was still in some pain. The next day, I went to collect the cake. She was there to give it to me. When she saw me, she loudly praised God and exclaimed that she woke up in the morning completely better. She said that she had never had a flare-up end so quickly, and that it normally took 3 weeks to go away completely. She said she had been telling her co-workers about it all morning. I intend to greet her and follow-up more the next time I see her.

– Guy Signorino
Louisiana Campus