This quarter, more than ever before, I found myself responding to the deposit of love God put in my heart for others. As I stepped out to give God’s love away more often, I found my heart expanding to hold a depth of compassion, tenderness and gentleness that I had not experienced before. It’s as if I was praying with his heart, not mine.

All of a sudden I knew things about people before they said them and my heart broke, or leapt for joy, before they told their stories. I was getting a glimpse of what the Lord saw in each person I prayed with, as if I was seeing with His eyes not mine. I found myself listening better, and more readily hearing the unspoken words of the people in front of me. It’s as if I was listening with His perspective and understanding, not mine.

I pray more, I prophesy more, I take more risk; because after this quarter, I truly feel I am living His life, not mine.

– Lynn Komasara
Main Campus (Brighton)