I Am Soaring

I have struggled with hearing from the Lord for many years. There was some kind of obvious block. I had renounced the lie that I couldn’t hear from the Lord a zillion times. Over the years I have sat in prophecy workshops, embarrassed that I was the only one in my circle who didn’t hear a word. The Lord obviously called me into inner healing fifteen years ago. I do have a sense of knowing, but never words. I couldn’t receive the inner healing that I ministered to others because I couldn’t hear. People would be drawn to me in events, because they knew I had a word for them, no word. It has been a long painful journey. I give credit to the Presence of the Lord, prayers prayed over us and the baby steps in the activations building up confidence in me. Now, after this quarter on hearing God speak and the Prophetic, I am free and I am soaring, my heart is bursting with the closeness that I feel to the Holy Spirit. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

– Linda Kelley
Louisiana Campus