I Got Healed!!!

While I was watching a video of Fr. Mathias speaking on faith for one of the lessons, Fr. Mathias told his audience that if anyone had any of the conditions he mentioned to stand up. Well, he had mentioned scoliosis which I happened to have, so although I was alone in our office at home at the time, I stood up. Fr. Mathias proceeded to pray for healing for all those standing. Well, I was not healed of scoliosis, but I was healed from a condition that I had had for about four months in which I had a constant feeling of pins and needles in my fingertips on both hands and pins and needles on my lips. I had also lost my sense of taste and I felt like I had third-degree burns inside my mouth. I had gotten to the point where I simply felt like screaming and had told God I simply couldn’t stand it anymore and had begged Him to be healed. Praise God! Although I wasn’t thinking about being healed from this condition at that specific time, I was healed instantaneously through Fr. Mathias’ prayer!!! Thank you, Jesus, my Healer, my Lord, and Savior! Praise Your Holy Name!

– Debbie Ferrari
Louisiana Campus