It Just Keeps Getting Better

I was trained in inner healing through the Unbound ministry and have seen a lot of fruit through it. I remember after the first couple of classes telling people in our carpool that I planned on staying with the Unbound process because I just thought it flowed well and covered all of the bases. Then I remember Patrick teaching us how we can lead people to ask Jesus what might be blocking them, or contributing to their situation. He made the point that it’s much more powerful for people to hear from Jesus as opposed to us pointing something out. How true that is! Since then I was all in on the inner healing quarter! And it just kept getting better!

I’ll admit though that there were a lot of times that I didn’t want to do the activations because I knew they were going to go deep and bring up things that I wasn’t comfortable dealing with. But that was the power of that quarter that it both took us all to that place where we could receive inner healing but also showed us how to take others there.

Now when I pray inner healing with people I often lead them to ask Jesus to show them things and those prayer experiences go deeper than they did with just Unbound. Especially with people who have been through Unbound already or are familiar with renouncing the spirits that bother them. Asking Jesus to lead them takes them very quickly to the heart of the situation and cuts out a lot of the guess work that used to go into prayer ministry.

– Adam Halfman
Main Campus (Brighton)