Lady at the Car Wash

In an attempt to receive a word from God about a woman that was a customer at the same car wash as me, I received that the lady had a granddaughter who was the daughter of her daughter and the lady was concerned about her granddaughter because she was sick. I thought that God might want me to pray for her granddaughter. I struck up a conversation with her only to discover that all her family was well. At that point, I figured that I had missed the Lord. We continued our conversation and she later told me that she had a granddaughter in France, who was the daughter of her son, and she was studying to be a doctor. She said that she was very worried about her getting sick. I was able to say a short prayer over her and her whole family for God’s blessings and protection. She seemed happy and at peace afterward. We don’t have to be correct when we think we have heard from the Lord about someone. If we take a risk the Lord will use us to bless other people and spread His love. It is important to stay close to Jesus and allow the love He pours into us to flow from us to others.

– Guy Signorino
Louisiana Campus