More of His Power

During the second quarter, I began to go beyond my family and friends and pray with people I didn’t know. It was amazing to see what God would do. It was very encouraging to see people be healed, feel loved, experience joy, and more. My faith in healing began to blossom even more. Also, by reading the book that was assigned that quarter, “Healing” by Dr. Mary Healy, it reminded me about how often Jesus and His apostles healed. That healing was not just for long ago. We also have the same power to heal in our era.

I then began to experience words of knowledge. I learned to listen more deeply to God’s voice and the message He has for others. Sharing this message to others and they confirm and/or receptive of it, was amazing. I experienced physical healings, peace, love, and joy fill their hearts which in turn touched my heart. I truly felt like a messenger for Christ. I can’t even begin to explain how rewarding that was for me.

Witnessing healings, praying for people, receiving healings, listening to powerful talks, and bonding with fellow Encounter Ministries students was extremely powerful and beneficial. It renewed my faith and ignited the spiritual gifts inside of me in an abundant way. I now find myself praying more, looking for opportunities to bring God’s love and healing to others, and keeping the Lord in my presence more than ever. Even during the trials, I am relying more on Him than what I was already doing. This school has been the best decision I have made for my life and everyone I come in contact with, especially my family!

– Angela Wilson
Louisiana Campus