My Brother Was Dying & Healed Through Declaration

My eldest brother Simeon was very sick along with another brother. He could barely speak, but a voice message from his bedside in Ghana depicted that he knew it was over for him. My other siblings and extended family had lost hope. I asked friends from the Encounter School of Ministry to help me pray for my brothers. One morning, I asked to have a video chat with my brother, so he could hear me pray over him. I then asked my siblings to place their hands upon him as he lay in bed. Then I prayed and declared God’s healing power upon him, and commanded him to be healed right now in the name of Jesus Christ Of Nazareth. Halleluiah! Praise the Lord! Immediately, he started sweating. For the first time in weeks he got up on the bed without any assistance, and everybody started praising Jesus! He is doing very well now, in Jesus Name. Praise the Lord.

– Fr. Amuzu
Online Campus