There is one activation that we did that has stuck with me. We were given a week to ask the Lord for whom should we pray for by proclaiming upon them the presence of God. All week I kept asking the Lord to show me someone but to no avail so I decided to pray for my wife, asking the Lord to fill her with his presence as we were instructed. Three days after that prayer, I was awakened by a loud of voice of excitement. My wife was speaking loudly on the phone with her younger sister telling her a revelation she got as she read the first chapter of Ephesians. She was so excited that when she hung up the phone, she came to me unleashing her exciting revelation about our position in Christ, the riches of God available to us, etc. In our 7 years of marriage, I have never seen my wife react this way about any biblical text. The first and only time I saw her excited about anything spiritual was when she understood the meaning of the Eucharist (through Christian apologetic) and that was 3 years ago. It took me couple of days to realize that her eureka moment came after I prayed for her to be filled with God’s presence as we were instructed at Encounter School of Ministry. ┬áPraise the Lord for His Holy Spirit working among us.

– Iyeze Eric Gatera