New Spiritual Gift

The first person that came up to me for prayer, Melissa, had a great power of the Holy Spirit moment during the time I was praying for her. After a few other people that I prayed with, Melissa came back up and told me her experience that she had and asked me if I was anointed. She said she smelled oil that smelled like chrism. I explained how that was the Holy Spirit and I prayed for the multiplication of the gifts that God was giving her.
At the end of the night, my wife asked if I would be a catcher for her. This is the new part for me! As she was praying I felt a spirit come around me. I asked God what this spirit was and Melissa came to mind. I asked again and I had a feeling that she was in the room and looking for me. As Jen finished praying I looked around and Melissa was running towards me. She said that she wanted to tell me everything that happened to her tonight. When she finished telling me about all that Jesus did, I told her I felt her spirit looking for me and that I had never experienced that before. This was an awesome thing because I have prayed for this gift almost the whole time I have attended the Encounter school.

– Steven Loftin
Main Campus (Brighton)