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Note: Please find within each Facilitator Overview the following:

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  • Walkthrough Video
  • Self-Assessment Survey
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  • Communication updates 
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Professional Development

Facilitator Observation Request Form

In order to receive approval to observe another facilitator's zoom session you must submit a request through the form below. All requestes must be made at least 1 week prior to your requested observation date.

Each facilitator is allowed to complete no more than three observations each semester. Only observations that have been approved will count  towards the professional development stipend. 

ESMO Facilitator Observation Request
Your First Name
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What ESM year do you facilitate for?
Number of Observation to be Completed
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Facilitator Observation Survey

Once you have completed your approved ESMO Facilitator Observation, you must complete the following survey in ordero to qualify for the professional development stipend.

ESMO Facilitator Observation Survey

Your Information

What ESM year do you facilitate for?
Number of Observation Completed

Basic Observation Information

Did you attend at least 75 minutes of the zoom session?
Year of Class Observed
Which ESMO facilitator did you observe?
Which ESMO facilitator did you observe?

Zoom Session Observation

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Substitute Request Form

Substitute Request Form

Anytime you need a substitute, it is imperative you fill out this form to request a sub. Without filling out the form there is no guarantee a substitute will be provided. For planned abscenses, please submit your request at least two weeks in advance. Thanks!

ESMO Facilitator Substitute Request Form
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Course Content

Content Release & Homework Schedule


Year One: Q2 - Hearing God & Prophetic Gifts
Weekly Topic Assigned Work
(To be completed prior to your assigned zoom session)
Available On Your Dashboard Your Assigned
Zoom Session
Q2. Class 1:
Intro & Overview

Session 1 Video: Intro & Overview

Session 2 Video: The Language of the Spirit

Find time with Jesus and sit with two chairs. Invite Him to speak to you about His heart for you for this quarter and His thoughts about your prayer life. Ask Him about His desire for more intimacy with you. Journal what you sense from the Lord and what your response is.

Suggested Reading: Lord, Renew Your Wonders, Ch. 1

Nov 9





Q2. Class 2:
The Word of God

Session 1 Video: Discerning God's Voice

Session 2 Video: Understanding Impartation

Homework To Discuss (Q2. Class 2)
Using the “Four Steps To Hearing God’s Voice” on the session 1 student handout, pray for 3 days this week and listen for the voice of the Lord. Journal your responses and track your fruit.

Suggested Reading:
Lord, Renew Your Wonders, Ch. 2

Nov 16 No regular classes: Special Session
Q2. Class 3:
Basic Prophetic Ministry

Session 1 Video: Faith & Foundations for Prophetic Ministry

Session 2 Video: The Purpose of Prophecy

Homework: God has hidden his glory and plans inside of everyone. Ask Jesus to show you one person who needs a revelation of the “gold” that he has put inside of them. Once he shows you the person, ask Jesus to show you that glory that he has hidden in their life and how he sees them. Whatever you receive, simply write it down. If possible, send it to them in a message and bless them. We will recap the results next week.
Suggested Reading:
Lord, Renew Your Wonders, Ch. 3

Nov 23





Q2. Class 4:
Prophetic Principles & Activations

Session 1 Video: Prophetic Principles

Session 2 Video: Prophetic Activations Pt. 1

Using each of the 8 Principles in Session 1, prayerfully re-write them each in your own words in a way that helps you understand them. Finaly, in prayer, ask the Lord the following question: What is one way that I can grow in faith for the prophetic before my Zoom session? Be ready to share what you receive with your small group.
Suggested Reading: Lord, Renew Your Wonders, Ch. 4

Nov 30





Q2. Class 5:
Prophetic Activations Pt.2 & Words of Knowledge Pt. 1

Session 1 Video: Prophetic Activations Pt. 2

Session 2 Video: Words of Knowledge Pt. 1

Go after words of knowledge this week with people that you come into contact with (waitress, barber, cashier, stranger, etc) and go through your prophetic process in regard to words of knowledge. The goal is to get measurable data on how well you're hearing God's voice for words of knowledge and growing in your faith to hear without taking too big of risks. This will also help us connect and invest in people! Direction: Ask God to give you three details about family, education/work background, or dreams. Once you have them, ask open questions to confirm like:
- Tell me about your family. Are you married, have any kids?
- What did you study in college? What jobs have you done before this?
- What dreams or desires do you have for your life?
If your revelation is accurate, take the opportunity to prophesy into their life (without being weird) and
bless them.
Journal your experience and be ready to share.

Suggested Reading: Lord, Renew Your Wonders Ch. 5

Dec 7






Q2. Class 6:
Words of Knowledge & Prophetic Teams

Session 1 Video: Words of Knowledge Pt. 2

Session 2 Video: Prophetic Teams

From what you've learned in the words of knowledge sessions, take a further step this week and step out in faith to minister to someone through words of knowledge. Be prudent in your delivery as you've been taught and expect that God wants to minister through you. Write a journal entry of what you learn.
Confirm your prophetic team that you will be on for the Encounter Evening of Prophetic Ministry.
Invite a friend to the prophetic rooms!

Suggested Reading: Lord, Renew Your Wonders Ch. 6-7

Dec 14 No regular classes: Special Session
Q2. Class 7:
Prophetic Declarations & Corporate Prophecy

Session 1 Video: Increased Risk Taking

Session 2 Video: Prophetic Refinement

God’s wisdom is evident throughout scripture. Looking at the life of heroes in the Bible, it is clear that God provides coaching to those that seek him. Spend time this week and ask God to reveal new wisdom from Scripture for you or for someone in your life who has a heart for God but is unsure what their next step is. Journal your experience of how you came to know God’s presence on the passage, what the passage itself was, who you shared it with, and how it was received.

Suggested Reading: Lord, Renew Your Wonders, Ch. 8-9

Dec 21





Q2. Class 8:
Prophetic Ministry Room Practicum

Session 1 Video: N/A

Session 2 Video: N/A

Homework: N/A

Suggested Reading: Lord, Renew your Wonder Ch. 10-11

Jan 18





Q2. Class 9:
Prophetic Processing & Gifts

Session 1 Video: Prophetic Processing

Session 2 Video: Stewarding Your Gift

Homework: TBA

Suggested Reading: Lord, Renew your Wonder Ch. 12

Jan 26






Course Content [E-Courses]
Thanksgiving Special Session Recording

Class Resources

Year 1 Syllabi & Important Dates

ESMO Quarter 1 Syllabus & Calendar (2022-2023)
ESMO Quarter 2 Syllabus & Calendar (2022-2023)
ESMO Quarter 3 Syllabus & Calendar (2022-2023)
ESMO Quarter 4 Syllabus & Calendar (2022-2023)

*Suggested Reading is not mandatory but highly encouraged. Homework assignments can be found on student handouts or on the student dashboard.

Encounter Conference
Wednesday, December 28th – Friday, December 30th

Overview of Important Dates
September 12, 2022: Quarter 1 / Annual Tuition Due
November 7, 2022: Quarter 2 Tuition Due
January 30, 2023: Quarter 3 Tuition Due & Onsite Campus 1st Semester Content Removed
March 27, 2023: Quarter 4 Tuition Due
May 22, 2023: Graduation
August 1, 2023: 2nd Semester Content will be removed from all Student Dashboards
* This is not an exhaustive list, other important dates can be found directly on the syllabi

Suggested Reading for Year 1 & Foundational Resources
Monday Worship Live Stream Information

Live worship from Main Campus, Brighton, MI will be made available to Satellite Campus Leaders via Zoom onMonday evenings from 5:00 – 6:15 pm ET.  To join, use the following Meeting ID and Passcode:

Zoom Room Meeting ID: 876 9959 4774
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Event Resources

Encounter Conference 2022

2022 Encounter Conference Video Playback will be available for 1 month. It will be taken down on Monday, February 27th.

Pre-Conference Session - Damian Stayne:

Main Session 1: Fr. Patrick Gonyeau

Main Session 2: Barbara Heil

Breakout Session 1: Dr. Mary Healy

Breakout Session 2: Peter Herbeck

Main Session 3: Fr. Mathias Thelen

Main Session 4: Damian Stayne (Healing Service)

Breakout Session 3: Damian Stayne

Main Session 5: Patrick Reis

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