Power Perfected in Weakness

My husband, who is also a student, and I came to an Encounter Transformation Night after a long week. We both were tired and I actually thought about skipping out before the ministry time. However the transition into ministry happened so quickly and there were so many people that came forward that we knew we could not leave.

So knowing that being tired and at the end of a very long week I, personally, had nothing to give. But I know that is when Jesus loves to work through me the most, in my weakness, especially when I acknowledge that weakness. So we stayed and participated in praying over our brothers and sisters that were so beautifully hungering for more of God, and his Holy Spirit. It was amazing. It was so beautiful to see the Spirit fall on people and for them to experience his personal love for them. I especially felt called to speak prophetic words to several of the older brothers and sisters, who needed to know that it is not too late for them to receive new wine, and new wineskins. Thank you for letting us share in this.

– MaryBeth Wilson
Main Campus (Brighton)