Power to Transform

It is true that if you seek him, you will find him! During the 2nd quarter, I found myself wanting to go deeper. I wanted more. I wanted God’s power working through me. As I encountered people daily, I sometimes found myself drawn to certain people and a desire to pray for them. One such incident took place in a nursing home where I often visited several friends and family members. On one of my visits, I felt deep compassion for them which I related to the scriptures where Jesus was with a crowd of people. I sensed that Jesus was calling me to be more than a casual visitor for a few, but the call was to let him touch them through me. I had never really been comfortable in nursing homes but found myself drawn to people I did not know and sometimes felt drawn to touch their hand, hug them, or sit and talk for a little while. Their faces lit up and I realized I was allowing Jesus to be present to them through me. WOW!

On two separate occasions, I experienced knee pain as I had never had before. I encountered two ladies at church who were about to undergo knee replacement surgery. I surprised myself when I gave in to the desire to ask them to allow me to pray for healing. I saw one of the ladies two weeks later walking without a cane and declaring she was in less pain. To my knowledge, her surgery is on hold.

For me, these experiences were a first. I began to pay attention to the ways the Holy Spirit inspired me to step out in faith. I realize that I need to step out and trust God. He does the work, I am his instrument. I continue to pray for boldness and the graces to respond to his call to transform my life and the lives of others. PRAISE GOD!

– Linda Dangerfield
Louisiana Campus