Priceless Gift of Peace

The week before the summer intensive I was given a bad report at the dentist and was very disturbed about it. I was going to need a very costly procedure done on my gums. A classmate, Tracie Bruno prayed over me for healing and I could feel the power coming from her hands. I received much peace and expected a change when I went back. I did receive partial healing and the cost was cut in half. My condition is still improving. Thank you, Jesus!

In one of the classes, I had a vision of myself praying with someone who was suffering from extreme discouragement from secondary infertility. I was able to pray with her and she experienced the peace that she had not felt in a long time.

I have been renewed in my identity as a daughter of the King and my ability to change the environment around me through the authority I have in Christ.

– Jayne Harrison
Louisiana Campus