Staying Open and Aware

This quarter taught me to stop, look, and listen! If we are open and aware, miracles present even when we aren’t looking for them. The lesson on Wisdom from the Saints came at an interesting time. There was a quote at the end of the lesson from Mother Teresa about the love of Jesus from the cross and the Eucharist.

I manage a parish book & gift shop and the Tuesday before class we had a funeral for a gentleman who was well known and respected in the community and a secular Franciscan. Priests, deacons, sisters, and laity were in attendance, and among them four Missionaries of Charity. I struck up a conversation with them when they came in the bookshop, and one of the sisters gifted me with a Miraculous Medal and snipped a piece of cloth from Mother Theresa’s Habit which she taped to a Holy Card for me. She also had a First class relic on hand for me to venerate. I was so taken aback I could hardly speak. I introduced her to a co-worker and classmate and she was blessed with the relics as well.

While praying with a priest at the Encounter Conference, I told him the story because he called upon Mother Teresa for me. He said it was wonderful and that I should carry that with me when praying with people because she wanted me to. The class on the Saints spoke well to me, but each session brought more fruit and joy.

– Shawn Spagnuolo
Main Campus (Brighton)