Stepping out in faith

I’m offering thanksgiving to the Holy Spirit for growing up in my identity from a servant to a friend! Thank you Holy Spirit for opening the eyes to my mind,heart, and spirit. There were hidden things that were revealed to me during the inner healing quarter that were brought into the light so I could finally lay it all Jesus’ feet. The ministry tools I learned this quarter on how to close the door to the Evil One was so very essential. I’m so grateful that I was able to prepare my sister and Larry for a recent death in the family. Without the powerful things I learned this quarter, I would not have known what to say or how to pray. This was a comfort to her as well as she was allowed to be at his hospice bedside. Thank you Holy Spirit, The Great Comforter, for the healing of many painful memories.Thank you for teaching us, cleansing us and loving us so we can love others in return. Thank you for your great gifts and mighty deeds!

– Christine Karl
Louisiana Campus