Student Prayer Requests & Praise Reports





  • Please pray that me and my husband are quickly and totally healed from Covid and all its effects.
  • For a dear friend's mother who will be having a complicated back surgery-that the surgery is a success and her healing is extraordinary. Thanking God in advance for the way He will use the surgeons to heal her and for the extra something special that only God can do!
  • My nephew, Ian, has been sick for several weeks. Now doctor has said looks like pancreatitis, inflammation of the pancreas/stones. More testing tomorrow, possible surgery. Asking for prayers for healing. Also, my sister, his mother, Sherrie, recovering from 2nd hip replacement in past 8 weeks. For total healing, speedy recovery for both. Lord, we ask for not only physical healing but also for strength and healing spiritually. Bring them closer to you, Lord. Let them be carriers of your light.
  • Please pray for my mother, Jo Ann, who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. More tests being done tomorrow and a biopsy on Thursday will determine stage.
    1. Darrell Shortell

      Father God, You are so good and ever powerful, I humbly ask for your mercy of healing for Jo Ann , and bring Shalom Peace for her and daughter Kelley and family. In the mighty Name of Jesus, with your breath of life ,I pray for complete healing of Lung Cancer and full restoration of her respiratory system.

  • Please pray for the poor dog 3 years old. The owner will move to an apartment and the dog cannot be taken there, pray that responsible people give her a home and save the dog from euthanasia. Short time left, thank you
    1. Mary Loretta

      I ask St. Francis of Assisi & St. Roch patron saints of animals and dogs to intercede for this owner and request that they place someone in their path that will take loving care of this 3 year old dog. My the owner find peace, hope and love from this encounter. In the Name of Jesus!

  • Thank you for your prayers for my brother, Paul who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor - that God may do what He has begun and bring him physical, emotional, and social healing. That he may experience God's reckless love in his heart and choose to show forgiveness and mercy to those he is angry with.
  • For my 19 year old son's discernment in
    possibly joining the Air Force. For his protection and safety from ALL things. That he may come home happy, healthy and with a new sense of confidence in his abilities. Help me to surrender this and trust in the Lord.
  • 3-year Oscar that has been in the hospital for a month and approximately 1 month more after 2 heart surgeries and now infection from the surgery.
    1. Mary

      I will pray for Oscar. 🙏📿

  • For my son Nathan and his companions, traveling in Cuba to bring Jesus and healing to give people hope, that they will be filled with the Holy Spirit and return home safely.
    1. Darrell Shortell

      Heavenly Father God, Equip Nathan and company with your Love, Joy, Hope and all the Christian Virtues on their mission in Cuba. Pour out your ocean of Mercy of Holy Boldness to build the Kingdom, and Safe travels.

  • pray for Holy, whose bipolar is out of control, for healing of her and her family
    1. M

      Lord Jesus, I bring Holly to you. Deliver her from her bipolar. Open her eyes to see your healing.


  • Sue 2 weeks ago

    Praise God for Encounter Ministries! <br /> I’ve needed this my entire life,glad to have it now!! ❤️

  • Pat 2 weeks ago

    I Praise Jesus the Christ for Encounter in Akron, Ohio! The depth of understanding and teaching has given me a broader and fuller understanding of my walk with the King of kings. I Praise God for Mary Beth Garvin, Patty Gonzalez, Mike Ragon, Deacon Will Yoho, and Fr. Joshua. They give teachings from their heart and their lives which encourages us to be not afraid. I greatly look forward to Quarter Two in this first year of Encounter. Pat Takacs

  • Nick 3 weeks ago

    This past Friday we had an event in our local diocese for the National Eucharist Revival where 1200 people gathered in our Cathedral to adore the Lord in the Eucharist with praise and worship, confession, and prayer team ministry. All sorts of people received graces in new ways and came to a deeper faith in the Lord. Praised be Jesus Christ!

  • Carol 4 weeks ago

    We were praying at a PP this morning when a young lady came out and sat on the curb, I was asking HS how I could be helpful. I got the word confused, I tried to talk with her but she only spoke Spanish, I found a Spanish brochure to give her and went back to praying. I saw her reading and then was looking up toward me, I went back and tried to talk to her and we determined their was a baby. I sat down next to her and she handed me her phone, the phone was translating, that the baby was dead. It's not the scenario I was hoping or praying for. She said she had two little girls and she wanted the baby but the father had turned his back on her and she felt like she had no choice. I shared some of my heart with her and we both had tears, I asked her if I could pray with her, she said yes. We held hands and it was warm and we both had more tears,....Later, I was going over last weeks class, what ready struck me, in the moment I had no fear of the group, no fear of man. Praise God!!