Encounter Student Prayer Requests & Praise Reports

  • Prayer Request for

    Debbie (Billy's Mother), Steve (Billy's Father), Sharen (Billy's Aunt) ; Billy (Son) 46 yrs; Teagan (13 yrs Billy's Daughter), Colin (9 yrs Billy's Son) ; Billy's wife past away of a accidental OD about 10 yrs ago so Billy is the only parent Teagan & Colin have at this time.

    Billy has diabetes and has already lost one foot. He is currently in the hospital and my loose his second foot.

    His Mom & Dad are taking care of the kids.

    Please pray for Billy's miraculous healing of his foot and rid all the diabetes from his body. Pray that he can continue to live and support his kids on his own in his apartment.

    Pray for his mom and dad that they have the peace and strength to support their son and grandkids thru this time.

    Pray for Teagan and Colin that they feel God and know he loves them through all this turmoil in their young lives.

    Pray for Sharen that she and her husband Larry continue to be there for her sister and her family.

    Please cover them in the Holy Spirit.

    Please let God's loving will be done.
  • My Mom (Mary Ann) finally got her diagnosis yesterday, after four long months of testing and dr. visits.

    Background: My Mom started having problems breathing back in May 2021. After a few test they found a mass in her upper left lobe of her lung. The test have reveal there is significant necrotic tissue in her lung. She is on oxygen all the time. She also has had A-Fib for 9years and is a diabetic.

    This was her first visit to the Hillman Cancer Center in Pittsburgh, PA. The oncologist, Dr. Melissa Yee told her it was a types of B-cell lymphoma. However they do not know what specific lymphoma it is at this point. Without knowing the type of lymphoma the drs can not determine the stage or the specific chemo treatment.

    My Mom will be having many tests and procedures in the next few weeks. She will also be getting a chemo port. So far their plan is to do 6 weeks of chemo. During this time her immune system will be 0, so we will not be able to have personal contact with her for the next 2 to 3 months.

    Please be bold and ask for a complete healing for my Mom per the will of our loving Father.

    Please ask that her Drs Hands are skilled and guided by God's Love especially her thoracic surgeon and oncologist, Dr. Yee.

    Please ask for peace to come over my Father, Lenny as he is my mom main caregiver and just wants her to be better.

    My Mom & Dad are both 78 yrs old. They are very dependent on each other.

    Also my Dad has Crowns disease and diabetes.

    Come Holy Spirit! Cover my Mom & Dad!
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