The Power of Inner Healing

I learned forgiveness for myself and others through the use of Inner Healing sessions in ways I could not have imagined!
Using the Wounded Memories Tool: I have identified many lies I came to believe about myself that I am an unworthy daughter, lies that I have to judge and criticize others which inadvertently protects me from close relationship with others.
Soul Ties Tool: When I worked in conjunction with my partner I was able to identify people that have or had inordinate emotional ties to. I now have authority over myself in healthy relationships. What freedom!
Healing Relationship with Trinity Tool helped me identify and heal the relationship with my own Father who was not able to give me the love I needed as a child. In turn this helped establish a loving relationship with God Father.
Closing Door Tool: I was able to identify how I left the door open to fear, anger and chaos within my family. Satan walked right in. I identified the people present in the lie, to renounce it, then find truth. After one month I have images of Jesus standing guard at the closed door. Praise and glory to my best friend!

– Christine Doyle
Main Campus (Brighton)