Through prophetic declarations many of my patients in the hospitals were healed in Jesus Name.

I am a priest chaplain in 9 hospitals in Downtown Toronto, Canada. I always pray with the sick and the dying. I see pain, suffering and death everyday in these hospitals. So also I see God’s healing power everyday and every time at these same hospitals when I pray and administer the sacrament of the Last rites for dying patients.
Many patients were declared hopeless, and some were given hours and days to die, whiles others were given weeks and months. I have been in this ministry since my ordination in 1997. I have seen a lot and handled a lot of cases. With my first year of Encounter, I feel more empowered and fearless to pray aloud and declare prophetic messages on many OF MY PATIENTS. I am very glad to state that many who were declare hopeless were healed AND DISCHARGED FROM THE HOSPITAS TO GO HOME. Some DOCTORS AND NURSES ASKED ME, “What did you do and how did you do it?” I said I prayed and asked God to heal them and so they were healed. Parents could not believe what has happened. I told them just believe in God and know your identity in Christ and take the power and authority and exercise them. To God be the GLORY, Amen.

– Fr. Matthias Yaw Kotokla Amuzu
Online Campus