After attending a couple Encounter Ministries Conferences, it was announced that the Encounter School of Ministry was going to be started in Brighton. I signed up and hoped that the weekly two and a half hour drive would be worth it. I told God that it better be worth it or I wasn’t going to continue with that kind of weekly commitment for two years.

From day one of the class I knew why God led me there. Every week took me deeper and closer to God in ways I never could have imagined. How simple in many ways was the Fathers Love revealed to me and the Holy Spirit opened up to me. I felt very uncomfortable in many class activations and homework, but God wanted to stretch, humble, and change me. Washing away my pride and control, to let the Holy Spirit rein in me. I began to think different, act differently, look at people differently and pray differently. To say that Encounter School of Ministry is life changing, would be an understatement. Just to know that we are heirs to the Kingdom and how much God wants to give us right now… to tap into our inheritance as his sons and daughters.

Supernatural faith is prayerfully earned, not just given. I have become more fearless in God’s love towards others from all that I have learned. Peace abounds in my life at a level I didn’t know I could experience. Having been involved in Unbound Prayer Ministry, this school took me to a whole new level. Opening me up to so many different healing and deliverance prayer models put more plays in my playbook. What a great gift! The supernatural gifts of words of knowledge, prophecy, deliverance and healing have equipped me in ways I could never have imagined…. and my journey is only beginning!

I am so grateful to Patrick, Fr. Matthias and all the Encounter School of Ministry staff for the courage and faith to step out and let the Holy Spirit lead them in teaching us all that God had given to them, so that we can do the same for others. THANK YOU!!

– Tom Hornacek
Main Campus (Brighton)