Truly Letting Go and Letting God

In the Fall of 2019, after an in-class Activation, I saw an image of an enormous golden lock and a key that Jesus was trying to unlock, but couldn’t. My heart was crying out to open this. I made an appointment with Sarah Kaczmarek and she guided me through a beautiful imagery healing session. I had images of Jesus getting closer to me, releasing my fear of getting close to others. As the lock was opened, I was able to allow Jesus to look into my heart, expose all of the pain, hurt, and release all the garbage that I’ve held inside all these years. Sarah guided me to acknowledge that I wanted Jesus there and allow Him to be close to my heart.

A week later during a class Activation, I saw Jesus bleeding Sacred Heart in front of a red velvet curtain. The next day I asked Him what this meant. I saw His bleeding Sacred Heart move from the Tabernacle and He gently put it in my chest near my heart. I am learning what REAL love feels like. As I continue Encounter classes and Activations I am growing wanting to share this love and caring with others through Healing and being an Intercessor through prayer and any other way He may show me. I know this freedom is from Jesus because no one has been able to help me thus far.

– Chris Doyle
Main Campus (Brighton)